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Reporting Issues

The best way of reporting issues requiring maintenance is to use the Fault Report form at St Benedicts Online. If you cannot use that, you can also contact the Managing Agent by email or telephone. Toolbox

Current Work Orders

Current and recent maintenance work orders are listed below, covering all work except the most minor like replacing light bulbs and oiling locks. This list is usually updated monthly. Previous maintenance work is listed under Previous Work Orders.

Current contractors used for routine work below the threshold for competitive tender are Rafal Wiatek for handyman work, CSCS for building and electrical work, Unbloc for drain and sewer work, Microbee for pest control and E Payne for tree work. Saxon Security is the sole supplier for the security key system. TBD denotes to be decided.

Status values are: Periodic work - Work will be carried out with next periodic work / Planned - Work planned in future / Claim - Insurance claim / S20 - Section 20 process required by law / Tendering - Competitive tender is being carried out / Quoting - One or more quotes are being obtained / Pending - Arrangements are being made to carry out the work / Ordered - An order has been placed / Parts ordered - Awaiting arrival of parts orderered / Underway - The work has started / Completed - The work has finished and been accepted / Rejected - The work has been rejected as unsatisfactory.

DateLocationAll WorkContractorStatus
Future / Added Planned, quoting or tendering
2020Across EstateRepair work planned is listed under 2020 periodic maintenancePeriodic work (tender)S20, Tender
When requiredParking spacesRe-paint space numbers and dividers, correcting those faultyTBDWhen required
TBAAcross EstateReplace remaining security light fittings with LED ones (first two parts done)CSCS (routine)When required
Added / Due Pending, ordered or underway
Jan 202013-27 St Benedicts CloseInvestigate possible roof leakCSCS (routine)Underway
17 Mar 202021-26 Abbey DriveFurther sewer repairs following completion of CCTV survey after previous repairs, linked to structural work (covered by insurance claim, work delayed)Unbloc (insurance)Ordered & scheduled
2019-20 Completed
26 Mar 2020Various flat blocksInvestigate TV reception for new channels since transmitter changes. No tenders received to two tenders, Community Vision tested and quoted for expensive unnecessary work. This work is not practical at economic cost.Community VisionCancelled
12 Mar 2020105-119 St Benedicts CloseCut back overgrown bushes on bank behind block near windowsDirectorCompleted
Feb 2020Flat blocksFit metal grilles (now ordered and delivered) to air bricks in remaining flat blocks that voted to pay for this to deter pest entry: 21-26, 31-36 Abbey Drive; 73-103, 105-135, 18-28 St Benedicts Close (31-45 Church Lane ; 17-27 Carlise Way declined)Rafal Wiatek (routine)Substantially completed
Feb 2020Parking spacesReduce unevenness near spaces 87, 88 & 102 caused by tree roots (Rafal withdrew from this work so re-tendered)Snowik (tender)Completed
Jan 202089-103 St Benedicts CloseReplace broken handle on staircase windowRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Jan 202045-59 St Benedicts CloseRefix or replace missing staircase nosingRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Nov 2019Fire hydrantsBuy online (now delivered) and erect signs for three additional fire hydrants foundOnline / Rafal (routine)Completed
Feb 2020121-135 St Benedicts CloseRepair defective communal door lockSaxon Security (routine)Completed
Jan 2020St Benedicts Close pathsLevel paving near blocks 89-103 & 105-119 (separated from parking space work)Rafal Wiatek (estimate)Completed
24 Jan 202045-59 St Benedicts CloseRepair defective communal door lockSaxon Security (routine)Completed
Jan 2020Security gateAdjust closer, replace lock and adjust security gate between St Benedicts Close and Carlisle Way to latch securelySaxon Security (routine)Completed
Jan 202031-36 Abbey DriveAdjust closer and oil lock mechanism to latch securelyDirectorCompleted
Dec 201921-26 Abbey DriveAdjust closer and oil lock mechanism to latch securelyDirectorCompleted
Nov-Dec 201919 Limetree WalkRe-fit and if necessary replace handle to fire doorRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Nov 2019Abbey DriveRemount bolt on gate for access to 31-36 Abbey Drive to engage keepRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Oct-Nov 2019Across EstateReplace failed security light fittings with LED ones (first part done 25 Oct, second part done 22 Nov)CSCS (routine)Completed
18 Nov 2019Tree workPrune lime trees in Limetree Walk in line with Council consent granted and two trees in Carlisle WayE Payne (quote)Completed
Oct-Nov 2019130-133 Rectory LaneReplace rotten fence and gate at front of blockRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
30 Sep 201917-27 Carlisle WayResolve sewer leakThames WaterCompleted
Oct 2019Recycling areasErect signs on correct recycling area use (agreed at 2018 AGM)Directors / R&RCompleted
Oct 2019Fire hydrantsBuy online and erect additional fire hydrant signs found missing with Fire BrigadeOnline / Rafal (routine)Completed
Oct 2019Multiple flat blocksStop holes in risers with fireproof mastic where services enter flats and replace fire boards damaged by utility companiesRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Oct 2019Multiple flat blocksRepair loose stair nosings at 21-26 Abbey Drive, 2-12 Limetree Walk, 45-59 St Benedicts CloseRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 2019Rectory LaneRepair rotten fence rail near Carlisle WayRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 2019All flat blocksBuy online and fix large number signs recommended by Fire Brigade to flat blocks doorsOnline / DirectorCompleted
9 Sep 2019All flat blocksStructurally survey flat block external walls and corbels repaired in 2014-15 and flat interiors 31-45 Church Lane if access grantedEllis + MooreCompleted
Aug 201913-27 St Benedicts CloseRepair broken and cracked roof tiles and strut allowing water entry.CSCS (quote)Completed
Aug 2019Abbey DriveFit LED heads to three Estate street lights.CSCS (quote)Completed
Aug 2019All flat blocksReplace general signs on noticeboards (agreed at 2018 AGM)Directors / R&RCompleted
15-16 Aug 201921-26 Abbey DriveMultiple repairs following CCTV of sewers that have blocked repeatedly: insurance claim covering tree root damage, Estate covering wearUnbloc (quote agreed by insurer)Completed
Aug 2019Council street lightsFit LED heads to Council street lights with two heads in Carlisle Way (repeatedly delayed from Oct-Dec 2018 and Apr 2019)Wandsworth CouncilCompleted
5 Aug 201989-103 St Benedicts CloseInvestigate and clear blocked drain / sewer causing back upUnbloc (routine)Completed
Jul 2019Across EstateReplace failed lamps in security lights (some fittings need replacing)DJ Electrical (routine)Completed
19 Jul 201921-26 Abbey DriveThames Water cleared shared sewers that have blocked repeatedly of tree roots and fat depositsThames WaterCompleted
Jul 2019Council street lightsFit LED heads to Council street lights missed in Limetree Way and Hawthorn Crescent (repeatedly delayed from Oct-Dec 2018 and Apr 2019)Wandsworth CouncilCompleted
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