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Reporting Issues

The best way of reporting issues requiring maintenance is to use the Fault Report form at St Benedicts Online. If you cannot use that, you can also contact the Managing Agent by email or telephone. Toolbox

Current Work Orders

Current maintenance work and that in recent months are listed below, covering all work except the most minor like replacing light bulbs and oiling locks. This list is usually updated monthly. Previous maintenance work is listed under Previous Work Orders.

Current contractors used for routine work below the threshold for competitive tender are Rafal Wiatek for handyman work, CSCS for building and electrical work, Snowik for buiding work, Unbloc for drain and sewer work, Microbee for pest control and E Payne for tree work. Saxon Security is the sole supplier for the security key system. TBD denotes contractor to be decided.

Status: Periodic work - Work will be carried out with next periodic work / Planned - Work planned in future / Claim - Insurance claim / S20 - Section 20 process required by law / Tendering - Competitive tender is being carried out / Quoting - One or more quotes are being obtained / Pending - Arrangements are being made to carry out the work / Ordered - An order has been placed / Parts ordered - Awaiting arrival of parts orderered / On hold - The work cannot currently go ahead / Underway - The work has started / Completed - The work has finished and been accepted / Rejected - The work has been rejected as unsatisfactory / Cancelled - The work cannot be carried out.

DateLocationAll WorkContractorStatus
Future / Added + Planned, quoting or tendering
2021Parking spacesRe-paint space numbers and dividers, correcting those faulty (needs dry and warmer weather)TBDPlanned
2021Across EstatePeriodic external re-decoration, deferred for the pandemic, see periodic workNeeds tender & S20Planned
TBAAcross EstateReplace remaining security light fittings with LED ones (first two parts done, remainder deferred during pandemic and will be replaced when fail to avoid wasted life, still not required 1 Oct 2020)CSCS (routine)When required
Spring 2021Across EstateRepaint step edgings with more suitable white paint following pilot test (needs dry and warmer weather)Rafal Wiatek (routine)Planned
Added + / Due * Pending, ordered or underway
Dec-Jan 2021 *Across EstateAnnual work to trees across the Estate (delayed by errors by contractor in application for Council consent still needed)E Payne (routine)Ordered
Nov-Dec 2020 *73-87 St Benedicts CloseRe-attach and secure vent pipe in loftRafal Wiatek (routine)Ordered
Nov-Dec 2020 *13-27 St Benedicts CloseRe-attach and secure vent pipe in loftRafal Wiatek (routine)Ordered
Nov-Dec 2020 *Near 19 Abbey DriveRemount loose paving slab forming step so secureRafal Wiatek (routine)Ordered
Nov-Dec 2020 *13-23 Limetree WalkRemove foam strip from fire door frame so closes securelyRafal Wiatek (routine)Ordered
Sep-Nov 2020 *Across EstateReduced priority periodic work covered by the S20 consultation, deferred for the pandemic, see periodic workAlfred Bagnall & SonsUnderway
2020-21 Completed
Nov 202013-27 St Benedicts CloseInvestigation found vent fault not roof leak (resident failed to grant access Jan 2020 then postponed for pandemic)Alfred Bagnall & SonsCompleted
Oct 2020Several flat blocksLay baited traps in communal areas of flat blocks where mice reported (owners and residents must take action within flats)Microbee (routine)Completed
Oct 2020Several flat blocksMount loose electric door releases more securely so doors close properlyRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 2020St Benedicts Cl, Carlisle WayRemove fly-tipped waste on publicly adopted pavements (this took longer than its guideline)Wandsworth CouncilCompleted
Sep 2020Church LanePilot test more suitable white paint for step edgings (this was successful)Rafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 20201-11 Limetree WalkRepair door lock where handle hangingSaxon (routine)Completed
Aug 2020All flat blocksCheck electric door releases are mounted securely, tighten screws and report faultsDirector (free)Completed
1 Aug 202029-43 St Benedicts CloseRemount electric release and keep preventing door from closing securelyAdiuvo (emergency)Completed
27 Jul 202045-59 St Benedicts CloseReplace electric release and keep preventing door from closing securelyEntryphone (urgent)Completed
2019-20 Previous maintance work is listed separately
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