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TV Reception Survey

Notes on TV Reception Survey

Over the last year or so, changes have been made to Freeview television transmitters that unfortunately affect reception of certain channels on the Estate. Some flats blocks are affected while others are not. This survey will identify where there are issues and aerial testing and system upgrade may be required. This can only be determined if televisions have been retuned recently not just new channels added, so questions check this and whether new transmitter channels (55 and 56) can be received.

It is very important that flats report by 30 September 2019 if channels are missing. No further upgrade work to the flat aerial systems will be carried out for several years, so the channels will be unavailable for that time unless issues are reported now. Flat block aerial system upgrades required are planned by December 2019. House aerials are the responsibility of their owners so they need to upgrade them if required and this survey does not apply.

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Results so far (to 8 September): 1-11 Limetree Walk, 1-11, 87-103, 105-119 St Benedicts Close need testing and possible upgrade; 21-26 Abbey Drive, 13-27 Limetree Walk, 130-133 Rectory Lane already receive the new transmitter channels so no work is needed; 14 blocks have not responded yet so would get no work unless they respond by 30 September.

Form - Flats Only

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To check that issues are resolved after upgrade
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On which TV channel number do you receive Channel 4 + 1? (required):
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