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Online meeting

This meeting will be held online using Microsoft Teams provide by Rendall and Rittner under the Company Memorandum and Articles of Association as amended in 2020. Because Covid-19 infection rates remain high and fluctuating as the meeting is called and may increase in winter, this reduces the risk of needing to postpone or cancel the meeting and to participants.

Members are not able to attend the meeting in person and anyone seeking entry to a location from which it is hosted will be refused entry.

Members who wish to participate or appoint a Proxy to participate are required to register and may vote in advance. It will also be possible this year for those attending to vote or change the vote submitted in advance during the meeting, after listening to discussion. Members or their Proxies registered to attend will be emailed a web link and instructions how to participate in the online meeting. Members not attending may vote by appointing the Chairman as Proxy and may provide instructions how their vote is to be cast.

Registration, appointment of Proxy, voting and raising questions

The best way to register to attend the meeting, appoint a Proxy, vote in advance and ask questions is by using the form below. You should still register if you do not know whether you will attend because this must be done in advance. Those who cannot attend must vote in advance. Those planning to attend should vote in advance in case you cannot attend. Those attending may change their vote during the meeting after listening to discussion.

The form must be received by the Company not less than 48 hours before the meeting. This is necessary to comply with company law regarding appointment of Proxies and allow time for processing. Web submission does not guarantee delivery so you need to allow sufficient time to receive confirmation of receipt by the deadline. Receipt will be confirmed by email so, if you have not received this within two working days, contact the Managing Agent by email or by telephone. By submitting the form, you agree that the Management Company, its Managing Agent and professional advisers may hold and use the data under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Any Member entitled to attend, speak and vote at a General Meeting may appoint a Proxy to attend, speak, vote and participate in a poll instead of that member. A Proxy need not be a member of the Company and you may appoint the Chairman of the meeting as your Proxy. You may only appoint one Proxy for each voting share. You may instruct your Proxy including the Chairman how to vote, otherwise they may vote or abstain at their discretion. The Chairman cannot accept instructions to speak on your behalf.

All Resolutions are ordinary resolutions decided by a simple majority of votes cast from those present and by proxy, including those submitted online.

Members wishing to raise points or questions about resolutions or any other business need to submit these in advance so they can be invited to speak and answers can be given during the meeting. It may not be possible to cover points unless raised in advance. Answers will also be put on the Estate website and in the Minutes of the meeting for those unable to participate online.

Explanations of the resolutions can be found on the AGM page. House owners are asked to abstain on any resolutions that only concern flats and expenditure paid for entirely by flat owners (marked * below).

Conduct of the online meeting

  • Only those Members or Proxies registered in advance will be allowed entry to the meeting. You must provide a valid email address to which the web link and instructions for participation and voting will be sent.
  • You will be held in an online lobby prior to admission to the online meeting.
  • To enter the meeting and allow identification, you must provide your name, property address owned or represented and enable your video and audio. Once admitted to the meeting you may disable your video.
  • On entry to the meeting, you will be muted unless invited to speak.
  • The meeting will be recorded.
  • Votes may be submitted in advance of the meeting or during the meeting. If a Member attends after appointing a Proxy, only the Member vote will count. The last vote received will count, allowing the vote to be changed after discussion of the resolution concerned.


For the General Meeting of St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Ltd to be held on Thursday 27th January 2022 and at any adjournment thereof:

  • I / we agree to abide by the conditions listed for conduct of the online meeting.
  • I / we vote as indicated if attending or appoint the person named or, if no person is named or neither I / we nor the person named attend, appoint the Chairman of the Meeting to act as my / our Proxy to attend online and vote as indicated on my / our behalf.
  • I / we instruct my / our Proxy to vote on resolutions as indicated or, if no instruction is given, to vote at their discretion as they see fit.


Your name(s) (required):
Your email address (required):
Property address (required):    Select street then number
Owner address (if different):
This cannot be used to change correspondence address
I / we will attend and vote as indicated: I /we vote as indicated
I / we appoint the Chairman as Proxy: The Chairman is instructed to vote as indicated
I / we appoint the person named below as Proxy: The Proxy is instructed to vote as indicated
Name of Proxy:
Proxy email address (required if Proxy named):
Date completed (required):
Votes: Votes default to the Directors' recommendation which you can change.
Options to give discretion to a Proxy on how to vote are available only if a Proxy is appointed.
Resolutions marked * only concern flats and flat charges so house owners are asked to abstain.
Please read the full resolutions and explanations on the AGM page before voting.
Resolutions are ordinary decided by a simple majority of votes cast unless stated.
Grant Chairman or Proxy discretion how to vote: This sets all votes below
1.   Approve minutes
 For  Against  Abstain  Discretion
2.   Adopt report and accounts
 For  Against  Abstain  Discretion
3.   Report on periodic work No vote
4.   Endorse periodic work split into packages
 For  Against  Abstain  Discretion
5.   Authorise transfers between flat reserve funds *
 For  Against  Abstain  Discretion
6.   Report on flat water leaks No vote
7.   Confirm approach to tree and other work for properties
 For  Against  Abstain  Discretion
8.   Report on other work in the year No vote
9.   Appointment of Directors nominated in advance No vote
10. Any other business notified in advance Submit points and questions below, no vote
Points or questions for resolutions or other business:

Indicate the resolution number and
summarise the point or question briefly,
which will be published with an answer
By submitting this form, I certify that I am the property owner, make the declarations above
and agree that the Management Company, its Managing Agent and professional advisers
may hold and use the data as set out in the privacy notice


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