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General Meeting Proxy Form Not Available

Notes on Appointing a Proxy

Any Member entitled to attend, speak and vote at a General Meeting may appoint a Proxy to attend, speak, vote and participate in a poll instead of that member. A Proxy need not be a member of the Company and you may appoint the Chairman of the meeting as your Proxy. You may instruct your Proxy how to vote.

The best way to appoint a Proxy is by using this form when it is available. If you appoint the Chairman, this will also allow you to instruct them how to vote on your behalf. The Chairman cannot accept instructions to speak on your behalf. If you use the paper form or you appoint someone other than the Chairman and you wish to instruct them how to speak or vote on your behalf, you will need to instruct them directly.

The form must be received not less than 48 hours before the meeting by company law. Internet delivery is not guaranteed so you are advised to submit the form well before the deadline and, if you have not received acknowledgement within two working days, to contact the Managing Agent by email or by telephone.

Proxy Form

The Proxy Form is not currently available.

The Proxy Form will be available from when a General Meeting is called until 48 hours before the meeting, in accordance with company law.

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