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Application for Key Supply

Notes on Security Key Supply

Entrance doors to blocks of flats have a secure master key system for the security and safety of residents. These keys cannot readily be copied. The system and keys are supplied and all work must be carried out by Saxon Security Locks, 208c-d Mitcham Road, Tooting, London SW17 9NN. Each flat was provided with three keys, as came with the flat originally, and may have been supplied with more. Purchasers need to ensure sellers give them all the keys.

Additional and replacement keys will only be supplied if there is a genuine need and after investigation of any loss to establish if it exposes others to risk. For security, only flat owners (not letting agents or tenants) can apply for security keys, although owners can nominate an agent or tenant to collect them. Keys will only be supplied if the collector takes Saxon authorisation obtained in advance from a Director of the Management Company (the Managing Agent cannot grant this) copied directly to Saxon. This authorisation will only be sent to the flat owner (using a previously known address) to forward or delivered to the flat on the Estate. The collector will also need to show proof of their identity (passport, identity document, driving licence, debit card or credit card) and pay for the key(s). The authorisation will state if the collector also needs to show separate proof of address (current tenancy agreement or recent utility bill). In 2016, these special security keys cost £8.29 each.

All parts of this form must be fully and accurately completed and you must ensure that the named key collector can collect the key(s) from Saxon Security within 30 days. If keys have been lost, full informaton on the circumstances of loss is required, including where is happened, what was with the key and whether it was stolen or how it was lost. Otherwise, there will be a delay of several days while enquiries are made or the previous authority is revoked. By submitting the form, you agree that the Management Company, its Managing Agent and key supplier may hold and use the data under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Owners, agents and tenants must take good care of the keys for the security and safety of other flat owners and residents. Security keys are supplied on the basis that after key loss or theft, eviction or repossession, the flat owner may be required to pay to replace the block front door lock and the keys of all the owners and residents in the block. You are advised to ensure that your insurance covers lock replacement in such circumstances.

If you cannot submit this form, correct any errors marked and try again. If no errors are shown and you cannot submit the form, this is likely to be because your browser or security sofware is preventing this. If you cannot resolve this, as an alternative you can submit a scan of the completed paper form (PDF) to the Managing Agent by email.


Address of property (required):    Select street then number
Name of owner (required):
Owner contact address (if off-site):
This cannot be used to change correspondence address
and must match existing records
Owner contact telephone (daytime):
Owner contact telephone (evening):
Owner contact email (required):
Name of key collector (required):
Ensure they can collect key(s) from Saxon
Number of additional keys (required):
How many keys will be held by (required):
This must add up to the total number of keys
supplied peviously and requested now
Other (state who)
Lost (explain)
If any keys have been lost...
Was anything with the keys giving the address?
 Don't know
Additional information (required):
Why are additional keys required?
Who other than the owner(s), tenant(s) and
agent will hold keys?

What were the circumstances of key loss
(where, what else lost, stolen or how lost)?
Send authorisation to (required):  Owner email address
 Owner at property on Estate
 Owner off-site address (must match records)
 Tenant at property on Estate
Date of application (required):
By submitting this form, I certify that I am the property owner and
agree that the Management Company, its Managing Agent and key supplier
may hold and use the data as set out in the privacy notice


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