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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Keep safe

(Updated 26 Apr 2022) The Mananagement Company recommends that you continue to follow Government advice although no longer required by law to reduce the risk to yourselves and other people. It is advisable to socially distance (2 metres if possible), avoid unnecessary contact outside your family and usual social group, wear masks in crowded places (like public transport), take and use hand sanitiser and wash your hands thoroughly on return home. You should isolate for 5 days if you have Covid symptoms.

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(Updated 26 Apr 2022) For health and safety you and visitors must keep 2 metres away from open windows of other households to avoid risk of harm to them in breach of the lease. There is not room for visitors in block garden areas but visitors may visit homes and use open Estate areas. Although lawful, please consider whether meeting others outside your family and usual social group is advisable.


Tradespeople and work on the Estate

(Updated 26 Apr 2022) Local infection rates have remained at a lower level (below 400 cases per 100,000) for a couple of weeks, so inessential work can again be granted consent now the risk to the health and safety of residents and tradespeople is lower, as well as for work essential for safety and maintenance. Consent will still be subject to conditions requiring Covid-19 safety, so ignoring them would breach the lease. These will include tradespeople following Government guidelines although no longer required by law, giving way to and maintaining social distancing from other residents.

In view of the potential severity of the consequences, the Management Company would not be able to warn if work caused a danger to others. It would need to instruct its solicitors to act immediately to bring the risk to an end. Under the terms of the property legal agreements, the property owner would be liable for the costs of this. If you carry out work, flat and house owners must ensure it is lawful, complies with any current Government restrictions and maintains safety at all times. Flat leases also require consent in advance for alterations (house owners do not need consent).


Warning of scams

(Updated 24 Feb 2022) Please beware of scammers exploiting coronavirus to trick people! We received a warning that scammers were targeting vulnerable people, particularly during self-isolating. There are different types of scam, including people offering testing, offering help you have not arranged, selling supposed cures or prevention methods, seeking access to your home or requesting charity donations (if you wish to contribute, please contact a reputable charity like the National Emergencies Trust instead). Scams come in different forms, like callers at the door, delivered leaflets, emails and fake websites. If a scammer visits your home, please call the Police non-emergency number 101 to report this straightaway.


Community volunteering

(Updated 24 Feb 2022) Some people and households on St Benedicts needed help with tasks such as shopping when following Government guidance on coronavirus (Covid-19). The Government described this help as 'community volunteering'. St Benedicts assisted by the managing agent, Rendall and Rittner, quickly launched an interim help scheme for the Estate, enabling contact between those needing help and volunteers willing to provide it, while advising suitable precautions like social distancing and on handling of money. This scheme is now closed.

(Updated 24 Feb 2022) Wandsworth Council subsequently launched a more general comunity volunteering scheme, which we recommended that those needing help and volunteers should move to using. We believe that scheme has now also been wound down as it is no longer evident on the Council website.


Flat block communal area cleaning

From 11th March 2020, the flat block communal area cleaning contractor is wiping all surfaces normally touched with diluted bleach to kill viruses and this is continuing.

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