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Annual General Meeting 2019


The Annual General Meeting for St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Limited will be held at 7.00 pm on Thursday 14th November 2019 in St Nicholas Church Hall, Church Lane, Tooting, London SW17 9PP.

Papers for the meeting will be sent to shareholders (property owners) at least 14 days before the meeting as required by company law and links will also be provided below.


Any Member entitled to attend, speak and vote at a General Meeting may appoint a Proxy to attend, speak, vote and participate in a poll instead of that member. A Proxy need not be a member of the Company and you may appoint the Chairman of the meeting as your Proxy. You may instruct your Proxy how to vote.

The best way to appoint a Proxy is by using St Benedicts Online. If you appoint the Chairman, this will also allow you to provide instructions how to vote on your behalf. The Chairman cannot accept instructions to speak on your behalf. Proxy nominations must be received no less than 48 hours before the meeting to comply with company law, so they cannot be submitted at the meeting.


Agenda Items

1.  Approve Minutes

To receive and approve the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 15th November 2018.

These are available under Papers and the Directors recommend approval.

2.  Adopt Report and Accounts

To receive and adopt the Report of the Directors and the Accounts for the year ended 30th June 2019.

Under current accounting standards, the Company Financial Statements now contain very little. These are available under Papers and the Directors recommend approval.

Service charges are held on trust for property owners and the main part of the information is in the Service Charge Statement. This is available under Papers and is for information.

Because the Management Company is now taking advantage of all exemptions and its accounts are no longer being audited, as approved at the 2010 AGM (PDF, 37kb), there is no resolution regarding auditors.

3.  Contracts and Maintenance Report

To report on contracts for services and maintenance.

The Directors will report for information. There were no changes to contracts, while routine work during the year is listed on the maintenance pages.

There is no resolution for a vote as this item is for information.

4.  Periodic Maintenance 2020

To report on and discuss the periodic maintenance and redecoration due in 2020.

The Directors will report for information. They will advise the result of the flats wall inspection by a structural engineer following repaiir work in 2014-15, the proposed work and the approach being taken. This will give those present the opportunity to ask questions and the Directors will seek informal guidance on the approach being taken. Information on the periodic work is being provided on the maintenance pages.

There is no resolution for a vote as this item is for guidance.

5.  Payments to Small Contractors

Noting the difficulties with Rendall and Rittner paying small local supplier invoices on time, to authorise the Directors to make such payments using the Estate prepaid credit card, subject to authorisation by another Director.

Rendall and Rittner can only process invoices electronically if suppliers sign up to its online system and provide extensive information regularly to maintain their registration. Otherwise, invoices must be submitted by post and a significant proportion of these go missing. This overhead is excessive for small local suppliers, has caused several to refuse to carry out work for the Estate and has contributed to delays in getting maintenance work carried out, particularly electrical work.

The Directors hold a prepaid credit card which is used, with authorisation from another Director, to purchase small items like maintenance supplies, such as electrical fittings, signs and metal air brick grilles recently. This could be used to make payment to some small local contractors promptly once work is invoiced and approved. It had to be used to book the hall for this AGM, for example. The Directors wish to obtain formal approval for this with appropriate control.

The Directors recommend approval.

6.  Election of Directors

To deal with the election of Directors.

Directors do not now need to retire by rotation and both Mr Ravi Joshi and Mr Kevin Herrmann are willing to continue serving as Directors.

7.  Any Other Business

To deal with any other business.

If owners and residents have issues that they wish to report or have specific questions on matters not on the agenda, they are advised to report them using St Benedicts Online or contact the Managing Agent straightaway rather than waiting to bring them to the meeting. This would allow issues to be resolved and matters investigated.

Previous Meetings

Minutes of previous metings can be found on the Documents page.

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