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The best way of reporting issues requiring maintenance is to use the Fault Report form at St Benedicts Online. If you cannot use that, you can also contact the Managing Agent by email or telephone. Toolbox

Work Orders

Current and recent maintenance work orders are listed below, covering all work except the most minor like replacing light bulbs and oiling locks. This list is usually updated monthly. Previous maintenance work is listed under Historic Work.

Current contractors used for routine work below the threshold for competitive tender are Rafal Wiatek for handyman work, DJ Electrical for electrical work, Unbloc for drain and sewer work, Microbee for pest control and E Payne for tree work. New building contractors are being sought. Saxon Security is the sole supplier for the security key system. TBD denotes to be decided.

Status values are: Periodic work - Work will be carried out with next periodic work / Planned - Work planned in future / Claim - Insurance claim / S20 - Section 20 process required by law / Tendering - Competitive tender is being carried out / Quoting - One or more quotes are being obtained / Pending - Arrangements are being made to carry out the work / Ordered - An order has been placed / Parts ordered - Awaiting arrival of parts orderered / Underway - The work has started / Completed - The work has finished and been accepted / Rejected - The work has been rejected as unsatisfactory.

DateLocationAll WorkContractorStatus
Future / Added Planned, quoting or tendering
2020All flat blocksCheck roofs and repair any faultsPeriodic work (tender)Periodic work
202021-26 & 31-36 Abbey Drive, 1-71 St Benedicts Close rear, check othersReplace soffit vents with secure metal and repair any gaps to prevent pest entry (Abbey Drive owners chose to leave until period work when access already available so cost lower)Periodic work (tender)Periodic work
When requiredParking spacesRe-paint space numbers and dividers, correcting those faultyTBDWhen required
TBDBehind 27-36 Abbey DriveInvestigate altering lock on gate to alleyway so can be unlocked from both sidesTBDInvestigating
TBDAll flat blocksProvide large number signs recommended by Fire BrigadeTBDInvestigating
TBDAll flat blocksUpdate and replace bin store, recycling area and flat block general signsVarious (routine)Planned
Feb 201931-36 Abbey DriveRepair sewer that has blocked repeatedly following CCTV survey (may need tender and section 20 consultation by law)Unbloc (quote)Quoting
Jan 2019St Benedicts CloseReplace street light heads including faulty two with high-efficiency LED units (contractor did not quote so now tendered)TBDTendering
Oct 2018130-133 Rectory LaneReplace rotten and broken Estate boundary fence at front (several contractors declined to quote)Rafal Wiatek (quote)Quoting
2018-19 Pending, ordered or underway
Apr 2019Council street lightsReplace old Council street lights that have two heads in Carlisle Way with LED lights and maybe replace single with double LED light in St Benedcts Close where path to Limetree Walk is poorly lit (delayed from Dec 2018)Wandsworth CouncilPending
Apr 2019Council street lightsReplace old Council street lights missed in Limetree Walk and Hawthorn Crescent with LED lights (delayed from Oct-Nov 2018)Wandsworth CouncilPending
Mar 2019St Benedicts CloseLevel paving near blocks 89-103 & 105-119 (when weather suitable)Rafal Wiatek (routine)Pending
Mar 2019St Benedicts Close car parksReduce unevenness near spaces 87, 88 & 102 caused by tree roots (when weather suitable)Rafal Wiatek (routine)Pending
Mar 201914 Limetree WalkRepair or replace broken closer on fire door outside flatRafal Wiatek (routine)Pending
Mar 2019Two locationsErect additional security cameras (now obtained) by Rectory Lane and clock towerRafal Wiatek (routine)Pending
Mar 2019Three locationsReplace failed non-standard strip lights outside 26, 28 & 37 St Benedicts Close with LED lightsRafal Wiatek (routine)Pending
Feb 201914-24 Limetree WalkReplace failed lamp in security light in alleywayRafal Wiatek (routine)Ordered
Feb 201918-28 St Benedicts CloseRepair block door frame and re-attach closer securelyRafal Wiatek (routine)Ordered
Feb 201929-43 St Benedicts CloseAdjust block door striker plate in frame as door does not always closeRafal Wiatek (routine)Ordered
2018-19 Completed
Feb 201973-87 St Benedicts CloseSecure or replace loose door handleRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Feb 201929-43 St Benedicts CloseReplace broken tile on porch over block door causing rain leak inside and outside on letterboxesCSCS (routine)Completed
Feb 20197-10 Abbey DriveRepair block door and replace broken wired glassSaxon (routine)Completed
Feb 2019Recycling pointsInvestigate removing orange poles (rejected as would cause confusion)TBDRejected
Dec 201831-36 Abbey DriveCarry out CCTV survey of sewer that has blocked repeatedly (now requires repair)Unbloc (quote)Completed
Jan 2019Limetree WalkProvide new road name sign on wall by path from St Benedicts Close as original obscured (originally due Oct 2018, completed Jan 2019)Wandsworth CouncilCompleted
Dec 201817-27 Carlisle WayRepair cracked and displaced sewer with liner and patch repairs (cost required Section 20 consultation by law, now complete)Unbloc (tender)Completed
Dec 2018All flat blocksFix updated Flat Fire Emergency Plan notices to each riser doorRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Dec 201831-36 Abbey DriveAdjust block door latch and sriking plate so locks securelyRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Dec 201811 St Benedicts CloseAdjust fire door slamming from close range - replaced closerRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Dec 201819 St Benedicts CloseRepair fire door not closing properlyRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Dec 2018St Benedicts CloseReplace Indian bean (Council condition of felling original dying tree)E Payne (routine)Completed
Nov 2018Trees across EstateCheck, remove dead wood and trim oaks on Rectory Lane (needs Council consent, which has been delayed unduly), cut back overgrown small trees and remove dead self-seeded treesE Payne (routine)Completed
Oct 2018Near 31-37 Church LaneRemove vandalised fence and replace with thorny bushesRafal Wiatek & Coombe Gardeners (routine)Completed
Oct 2018All flat blocksCheck and secure all entryphone door release unitsRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 201817-27 Carlisle WayCarry out video inspection of sewer that overflows and ensure caps in place to prevent smell (found to be damaged and require repair)Unbloc (routine)Completed
Sep 2018Council street lightsRepair faulty LED light at entrance to St Benedicts CloseWandsworth CouncilCompleted
Aug 2018Security gatesCheck, adjust closers and replace rubber stops on security gates to prevent slammingSaxon Security (routine)Completed
10 Aug 201829-43 St Benedicts CloseInvestigate reported roof leak under entrance porch since scaffolding (contractors unable to find)N/ACancelled
10 Aug 201821-26 Abbey DriveInvestigate reported roof leak in communal hallway (no leak found after torrential rain)N/ACancelled
Aug 2018Various locationsReplace failed security lights (39-45 Church Lane, 21-26 Abbey Drive, faulty not just lamp)DJ Electrical (routine)Completed
Aug 2018105-119 St Benedicts CloseRepair worn block door lock component so latches securelySaxon Security (routine)Completed
Jul 2018Various locationsIdentify and repair landlord lighting faults (29-43 St Benedicts Close, 21-26 Abbey Drive)DJ Electrical (urgent)Completed
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