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The best way of reporting issues requiring maintenance is to use the Fault Report form at St Benedicts Online. If you cannot use that, you can also contact the Managing Agent by email or telephone. Toolbox

Work Orders

Current and recent maintenance work orders are listed below, covering all work except the most minor like replacing light bulbs and oiling locks. This list is usually updated monthly. Previous maintenance work is listed under Historic Work.

Current contractors used for routine work below the threshold for competitive tender are Rafal Wiatek for handyman work, Unbloc for drain and sewer work, Microbee for pest control and E Payne for tree work. Reliable new building and electrical contractors are being sought. Saxon Security is the sole supplier for the security key system.

Status values are: Planned - Work planned in future / Claim - Insurance claim / S20 - Section 20 process required by law / Tendering - Competitive tender is being carried out / Quoting - One or more quotes are being obtained / Pending - Arrangements are being made to carry out the work / Ordered - An order has been placed / Parts ordered - Awaiting arrival of parts orderered / Underway - The work has started / Completed - The work has finished and been accepted / Rejected - The work has been rejected as unsatisfactory.

DateLocationAll WorkContractorStatus
2017-18 Planned or quoting
Jan 2018Parking spacesRe-paint space numbers and dividers missed or faulty by TNA ServicesTBCPlanned
2017-18 Pending, ordered or underway
Dec 2017By 39-45 Church LaneLift and re-lay level uneven paving beside block reported by H&S inspectionRafal Wiatek (safety)Ordered
Dec 2017Various locationsInvestigate and repair faulty flat strip lights and external security lights (re-allocated as first contractor did not do)Parker Bromley (routine)Ordered
Dec 201773-87 St Benedicts CloseInvestigate and repair fault causing lights to stay on (re-allocated as first contractor did not do)Parker Bromley (routine)Ordered
2017-18 Completed
Dec 2017Flat blocksFit brush seals to communal fire doors reported by H&S inspectionRafal Wiatek (safety)Completed
Nov 20171-23 Limetree WalkRepair soffit gaps and loose vents with hoist to prevent pest entryParker Bromley (routine)Completed
Nov 2017Across EstateCarry out 5-yearly landlord electrical testing and certificationParker Bromley (tender)Completed
7-10 Nov 2017Remaining flat blocksReplace remaining life-expired entryphone systemsEntryphone Co (tender)Completed
Sep-Nov 20171-71 St Benedicts CloseFit grilles over air bricks to deter pest entryRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 2017Parking baysRepaint parking bay numbers and dividersTNA Services (routine)Rejected
Sep 20171-23 Limetree WalkSecure loose soffit vents with hoist to prevent pest entryTNA Services (routine)Rejected
Sep 2017By 18-28 St Benedicts CloseRepair loose stepRafal Wiatek (safety)Completed
Sep 201773-87 St Benedicts CloseRepair block front door handle and closer and adjust to closeRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 201714-24 Limetree WalkReplace block front door closer which cannot be adjusted to prevent slammingRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
May-Sep 2017Various locationsReplace and erect new security camerasRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Sep 2017Across EstateWork with Council consent to protected trees by St Benedicts Close entrance and 2 othersE Payne (routine)Completed
Mar-Aug 201731-37 Church LaneRepair roof leak - competitive tender and section 20 processParker Bromley (tender)Completed
Jul 201714-24 Limetree WalkRepair damaged sewer - insurance claim for accessUnbloc (tender)Completed
2017By 17-27 St Benedicts CloseInvestigate cost of metal fence & gate by bin store to prevent trespassSaxon Security (quote)Not proceeding
Jul 2017Estate fencingRe-attach fence rail on Church Lane, replace broken post by clock towerRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Jul 201745-59 St Benedicts CloseRepair loose door lock and frame keep so door closes securelyRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Jul 201725 Abbey DriveRepair or replace loose closer fouling fire doorRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Jul 2017All flat blocksRepair damaged letterbox flaps and fit new locksRafal Wiatek (routine)Completed
Jul 2017Across EstateWork to non-protected trees on bank between St Benedicts Close and Abbey Drive and across Estate - 2 trees to be done in SepE Payne (routine)Completed
Jul 20171-23 Limetree WalkLay baited traps in communal areas for mice, owners must treat flatsMicrobee (routine)Completed
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