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Fault Report Form

Notes on Fault Reporting

Please use this form to report faults on the St Benedicts Estate. To assist in describing the fault, you can select from a list of common faults. Use the details box if more detail is required or if the fault is not listed, so that a contractor can find and repair it. To describe the location, you can select from a list of flat blocks or from a list of individual properties. If these do not apply, such as for faults outside, or if more detail is needed, such as the landing for a faulty block light, please provide more information in the location box.

If you select the fault type of security or street light out, a plan will be shown below for you to click the light on the plan to complete the location box automatically with the reference number required. If you select other outdoor fault types, a button will appear that you can click to show a plan below. If you click the plan it will complete the location box automatically with the plan co-ordinates and you can then add any additional information.

If you cannot submit this form, correct any errors marked and try again. If no errors are shown and you cannot submit the form, this is likely to be because your browser or security sofware is preventing this. If you cannot resolve this, as an alternative you can send fault details to the Managing Agent.


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