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Application for Burglar Alarm Consent

Notes on Burglar Alarm

Owners of leasehold flats are permitted to fit burglar alarms subject to the conditions set out below.

Under the terms of the legal agreements for the leaseholds flats, Management Company consent is required before work can be carried out. This will only be given after the Management Company or their Managing Agents receive an application agreeing to the conditions. This is necessary for the protection of all owners. Please apply in sufficient time with all documentation, as the Managing Agent has 5 working days to reply to such queries.

If you cannot submit this form, correct any errors marked and try again. If no errors are shown and you cannot submit the form, this is likely to be because your browser or security sofware is preventing this. If you cannot resolve this, as an alternative you can submit a paper form (PDF, 40kb) to the Managing Agent.

Conditions of Consent

  1. I agree that I will use a qualified SSAIB installer to install an alarm system that is NSI approved and meets European standards and ACPO DD243 requirements. I enclose details of the system and will provide a copy of the SSAIB certificate after installation. I understand that any system not meeting these standards or for which I do not provide a copy of the certificate may be removed.
  2. I agree that I will install the external alarm box adjacent to the bedroom window of a 1-bedroom flat or between the bedroom windows of a 2-bedroom flat. I understand that any alarm box installed elsewhere may be removed at my cost.
  3. I agree to repair at my cost within 30 days any damage to other properties, Estate facilities and garden areas caused by my contractors or as a result of this work.
  4. If removal of a system or repair to damage is required and is not completed within 30 days, I agree that the Management Company or its agents may carry out the work at my expense and may add the costs to the service charge account for my property.
  5. I certify that I am not in breach of my lease and that my service charges are not in arrears.

Explanatory Notes

  1. This is necessary to ensure that the work is of a professional standard so that it will not cause nuisance to nearby residents. Systems not meeting these standards and DIY systems are specifically not permitted.
  2. This is so that, if the alarm sounds at night, you will hear it and can take action to minimise the disturbance to nearby residents.
  3. This is necessary so that the Management Company and other owners do not risk being left to pay for damage caused.
  4. This is necessary so that the Management Company does not risk being left to pursue companies or to recover money from them at other owners' expense. You are advised to establish, as part of the quotation by the company, what work they will perform, what access they need, whether they will erect scaffolding, what steps they will take to avoid damage and what insurance cover they hold for third party liability.
  5. This is necessary so that granting consent does not risk causing acceptance of a breach of lease.


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