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Annual General Meeting 2017


The Annual General Meeting for St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Limited will be held at 7.00 pm on Thursday 7th December 2017 in the Function Suite, St Boniface Church Hall, 185 Mitcham Road, Tooting, London SW17 9PG. St Nicholas and Trident Business Centre no longer take evening bookings.

Apologies that this is slightly later than usual in recent years because of delays in Rendall and Rittner providing financial information to the accountant and property manager availability.

Papers for the meeting will be sent to shareholders (property owners) at least 14 days before the meeting as required by company law and links are also provided below.


Any Member entitled to attend, speak and vote at a General Meeting may appoint a Proxy to attend, speak, vote and participate in a poll instead of that member. A Proxy need not be a member of the Company and you may appoint the Chairman of the meeting as your Proxy. You may instruct your Proxy how to vote.

The best way to appoint a Proxy is by using St Benedicts Online. If you appoint the Chairman, this will also allow you to provide instructions how to vote on your behalf. The Chairman cannot accept instructions to speak on your behalf. Proxy nominations must be received no less than 48 hours before the meeting to comply with company law, so they cannot be submitted at the meeting.


Agenda Items

1.  Approve Minutes

To receive and approve the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 17th November 2016.

These are available under Papers and the Directors recommend approval.

2.  Adopt Report and Accounts

To receive and adopt the Report of the Directors and the Accounts for the year ended 30th June 2017.

Under current accounting standards, the Company Financial Statements now contain very little. These are available under Papers and the Directors recommend approval.

Service charges are held on trust for property owners and the main part of the information is in the Service Charge Statement. This is available under Papers and is for information.

Because the Management Company is now taking advantage of all exemptions and its accounts are no longer being audited, as approved at the 2010 AGM (PDF, 37kb), there is no resolution regarding auditors.

3.  Contracts and Maintenance Report

To report on contracts for services, maintenance and periodic work funded from reserves.

The Directors will provide reports for information including:

  • Appointment of a new flat block cleaning contractor.
  • The gardening contractor wishing to cease waste work and the cleaning contractor taking this on.
  • Completion of the programme of work to replace all remaining entryphones.
  • The 5-yearly landlord electrical testing.
  • Tree work carried out and planned.

4.  Road Signs

To consider new suggestions for improved road signage and, if these are approved, to authorise the Directors to implement them, noting this reverses a previous AGM decision.

The Directors will describe possible additional road signage (see images below) and establish if property owners want this at a cost around £500. A property owner requested this to reduce incorrect delivery. Signs would be mounted on lamp posts opposite road entrances.

road sign road sign

The Directors are not making a recommendation on this item.

5.  Estate Security

To discuss security on the open-plan Estate crossed by public rights of way including resident suggestions.

There have been various issues with groups of youths loitering on the Estate, especially over the summer. The Estate is crossed by rights of way that the Council required when the Estate was built so it is impossible to prevent free access.

Residents have made various suggestions to address the issues, including additional metal railings and gates, CCTV and security patrols. The Directors wish to take guidance from property owners whether they think these suggestions or any others are feasible and are prepared to pay the costs, in which case they would be investigated further.

6.  Election of Directors

To deal with the election of Directors.

Directors do not now need to retire by rotation and both Mr Ravi Joshi and Mr Kevin Herrmann are willing to continue serving as Directors.

7.  Any Other Business

To deal with any other business.

If owners and residents have issues that they wish to report or have specific questions on matters not on the agenda, they are advised to report them using St Benedicts Online or contact the Managing Agent straightaway rather than waiting to bring them to the meeting. This would allow issues to be resolved and matters investigated.

Previous Meetings

Minutes of previous metings can be found on the Documents page.

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